Will Information

Personal Info

Full Name*
Phone Number*
Email address*
Marital status*
Date and place of marriage to be taken place?*
Name of the spouse or future spouse?
Previous Marital History
Domestic Contracts (include particulars and status of Separation Agreement, etc.; provide copy)*
Existing wills and Powers of Attorney (Specify solicitor who acted)*
Do you have kids? if yes, how many kids do you have?*
Name of the kids:
Support Obligations?*
Other Dependents?
Promises You have Made Regarding Your Estate?*
Other Beneficiaries to be named(Name& Relationship, Date of Birth & If a minor, Address)(excluding dependents)*
Special Concerns (Spendthrifts, family tensions, etc.)*
Name and Address of Family Physician*

Will Instructions

Executors and Trustees, including Alternate Choice(s)(include address, if not resident of Canada)*
Specific Gifts(Household Goods, Personal Effects, Jewelerry, Automobiles, etc.)*
Disposition of residence and/or Cottage *
Disposition of Residue*
Funeral, Burial and other Special Instructions?
Are Executors to Have Broad Powers(regarding retention, sale and investment of assets)*
Cash Legacies(including Charitable)*
Create Trusts for Beneficiaries?*
Guardian for Children(Additional provisions, if any re expenses, education, retaining house, etc.:)*
Other Special Power or Clauses?
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